Welcome to my website. 

My name is Colin and whilst I am a proud Londoner I now live in Surrey. But it's near London so I'm not too far from, as we say,  'my old manor'.


I love all types of photography but as a professional portrait photographer my particular interest is in what I call cinematic portraiture. But I like to remain 'authentic'


What does that mean? 

I consider myself a photographer and not a photoshop 'digital artist' that air brushes away reality. This is important as in years to come photographs will be viewed as a real capture of that person in that moment of time. 

As they say, lighting is everything!

My work is mostly black and white.The simplicity and the classic feel a black and white photograph portrays is important in my images. 


Aside from my professional work for clients, I also enjoy working on my own projects which usually take the form of some abstract like portraits or themes of images where I like to create a narrative. So please check back from time to time as I build that part of my portfoilo.

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