My name is Colin, I was born and bred in London although I now live in Surrey. 


I love all types of photography but as a professional portrait photographer my particular interest is in what I call cinematic portraiture. But I like to remain 'authentic'


What does that mean? 

I consider myself a photographer and not a 'digital artist'. Maintaining a sense of reality and natural look in my images is important as in years to come, they will be viewed as a real capture of that person in that moment of time. Rather than an unrealistic 'air brushed' beyond reality look.


Whilst not exclusively a black and white photographer, I tend to shoot in monochrome to create images for clients, be that private or corporate to represent their character and personality which can often be lost in over saturation and processed colours.


I have trained with international award winning professional photographers and film lighting experts.


I also enjoy working on my own projects which usually take the form of some abstract like portraits or themes of images where I like to create a narrative. So please check back from time to time as I build that part of my portfoilo.

My influences stem from the greats. Peter Lindberg, Brian Griffin, Terence Donovan, Norman Parkinson and Karsh. 


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