Welcome to my website. 


My name is Colin and whilst I am a proud Londoner I now live in Surrey. But it's near London so I'm not too far from, as we say,  'my old manor'.


It’s a cliche, but I really have been involved with photography from a young age. However, it was only recently that I decided to follow my dream and turn professional. So a change of careers, some ‘refresher training’ along with input from friends who have worked on lighting crews for major films and tv productions and I find myself in the world of what I call authentic cinematic people photography.


What does that mean? 


Inspired by classic films and tv shows, my work is mostly grainy black and white. I often like to have a sense of movement in my images too.


I consider myself a photographer and not a photoshop 'digital artist' that air brushes away reality. This isn’t the best business pitch, but if you are looking for colourful and flawless portraits, then you may want to look away now. 


I strive to create an authentic portrait of the person in front of the lens. One that reflects their character and personality.


Aside from my professional work, I enjoy working on my own projects which usually take the form of some theatrical like portraits or themes of images where I like to create a narrative. 


So please check back from time to time as I build that part of my portfolio.

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