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Fancy A Craft Gin Anyone?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

My question to you is this.

Why has there been a sudden explosion in popularity of craft gins?

It wasn’t too long ago when there were no more than about 5-6 choices at the shop.

At our local supermarket now (Fortnum & Masons) we need half a day to just browse one row of gins.

Almost every town has its own ‘artisan’ gin made from the filtered spring water off of the (insert name here) hills.

And I remember the Peckham spring. But thats a different story.

I quite like it. I think everyone has much more choice now.

But for a gin to get seen now in what has become a saturated artisan gin market, the style of the presentation and label is everything.

However to me it means people are looking for something different. And the market is responding.

So what has this to do with photography Mr Silver Jack?

Well, should you be of a mind to get professionally taken pictures of you or your family, like gins, I believe that you need to carefully consider what you’re after as there are a lot of photographers on the market.

Ask yourself, What are you looking for? A ‘nice’ portrait? Photographs to stick in an album and never to be seen again? Or something that is different, striking and stylish - ones that visitors to your business website or your house notice - and remember?

I think the latter is the most important if you’re going to spend money on your photographs. After all, most smart phones can take a half decent portrait now if used correctly, but they lack that 'something'.

So choose your photographer with care. I say this as I have heard people say out loud when looking at professionally taken family pictures “Oh so and so has had some taken like that”.

Do you want to be in the ‘like that’ category after spending money on photos?

I believe that photographs that are going to be hung on the wall or placed in a frame need to be memorable and not just become dust collectors that may get overlooked by people.

I give this case in point and for the privacy of the family I will not identify the celebrity concerned.

Some years ago I happened to visit the house of a well known but (at that time) recently deceased celebrity. A much loved figure. On being shown into the lounge, there were a number of photos of that person, but one, one stood out and to this day I remember it like it was yesterday.

Sat in a frame on a shelf the character of that person jumped out of the picture. It wasn’t because they were a celebrity and I knew their ‘celeb persona’, as I say there were other photos of them there.

But this one, this one had something.

There was a connection between the celeb and the photographer, but more than that, the style of the photographer really shone out from the other more generic like in the room. It may not have been technically on the money, but it wasn’t about that. It was about the artistry and craft of the photo that ‘caught’ that celeb at that time.

That's the photo you should be looking for. One that could hang in a gallery and/or still look cool years later and transcend fashion.. and of course hasn’t been photoshopped to Timbuktu(!)

After all isn’t that why you had it done in the first place. To enjoy, like that well crafted gin.

Chin Chin!

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