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Eat.. Don't Go Bananas.

Updated: May 12, 2020

What's in a title? Well read on...

It’s been a while since my last blog…which is strange as like a lot of people I’ve had a bit of time on my hands of late. That said, I’m not sure about you, but the time has flown by - and continues to.

I could see we were heading for a lock down back in March, so decided then that I’d make use of that time to do all the things I’ve said I must do, like ‘must’ read that book or 'must learn more about that' etc etc.

And thats exactly what I’ve done and it wasn’t all about photography!

I made it my aim to learn something new each day.

So I've been doing some online courses, I now know more about 'stuff', which no doubt will not get me anywhere.

But that 'stuff' has been interesting nonetheless. Such as the story behind Icarus. You know the boy who fell to earth because his waxed wings melted when he flew too close to the sun. I didn't know too much about that as I must have fallen asleep during that class at school.

Staying with Greek mythology, I also read up on the story behind classical poem Iliad. Rest assured I am not going to share what I discovered about that as this blog is supposed to be about photography after all.

That said, there is something you can carry across from one art form to another. It can help inspire you to try new things. To formulate an idea, i.e telling a story of aspects of Greek mythology through photography. Sculptures have been doing that since they discovered a chisel could cut through stone. So have artists (with brushes though).

I’ve read about how we should look at art. A few tips picked up there - which will help in the London workshops I had (and still have) planned. So when we open for business I hope that will add another dimension to the tours.

And maybe each of us can take some inspiration from Greek Mythology, when words were the art form to convey the way of life they had.

We can use words too - but we can also use pictures. Why not try to create a small documentary album of your time in lock down that tells your story. It could be empty roads, making/wearing home made face masks, queues at the shops, soapy hands. That kind of thing.

So as the lock down eases and we stumble out eyes squinting into the light now is also a good time to think abut what we have around us too.

I'm sure we'll emerge more appreciative to what we have. The textures on trees, the sounds of waves hitting the shore, the rain on your face and the wind in your hair.

Stop, breath and listen to it. Then take a photo to convey what you’re feeling. By adding a title of one or two words to that photo is the simplest way to lead the observer towards what you want to convey.

Future generations will look and study this period. If you’ve taken a photo that relates / or conveys your emotions whilst in or after lock down you will no doubt have added something to our social history.

Photographically what have I been doing? Well as I mentioned above, professionally not a lot.

I’ve been experimenting in genres of photography that is not my usual ‘fare’.

In photography world many a good or even great photo has been taken by accident. In fact many a discovery on science has too.. and I’ll return to the subject of science shortly.

The photo that heads this blog was taken by trial and error. It won’t be to everyones tastes, after all not everyone likes bananas...

As most of you are aware I'm not into photoshopping my images, so this was done 'in camera'. By taking a number of multiple exposure shots as the banana swung around. All I've done then is placed them into a triptych frame and lightened the background a little.

But why bananas? Its my subtle message about healthy eating - as I suspect most of us felt idle feet heading towards the fridge. So we've had plenty of fresh fruit about. Ok and a few beers... but the weather has been mostly kind hasn't it!

In addition to all that I have been looking at novel ways to market my work and expand the reach of my social media and website in what is a saturated market. Reading about ‘SEO’ and different marketing techniques was a little heavy - heavier than the Greek mythology I read about if I’m honest! I’ve never been big on number crunching!

There’s been plenty of ‘zoom’ catch ups too!

Going forward work will be challenging to find until science finds a way through this. I’m optimistic that it will. It may take time but with modern computing power, international cooperation and the biological knowledge we have now we are in a much stronger position than those scientists and doctors who had previous pandemics to handle.

And on that note - onwards and upwards.

Remember to 'eat and not go bananas' in lock down.

Hope to see you soon - social distancing allowing and all that of course.

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