Your Photographs

I have a range of photo shoot packages to sort all budgets. But regardless of budget you will be provided with high quality prints as part of the price. No hidden costs.

Most of the shoots are done on location - so if you have a favourite place let me know. I can also arrange for use of a studio (POA).

Some photographers just include the shoot but then charge you for each print, some of which can reach eye watering prices!

I provide a bespoke photographic service. From shoot to printing your photographs, it is all done in house on professional equipment. I stock a range of different photographic ‘papers’ and print your photos. As such costs are kept to a minimum.

I am a keen advocate for photographs being printed.  Why? Because they are historical documents. All those images on your computer / phone may one day be lost due to some glitch. Even 'clouds' can suffer these.

So why trust all of our treasured family pictures to that. Who will be able to access them in the future? Will you find a ‘charger’ for that old phone you find in the attic in 25 years time? Will that ‘memory disk’ actually work?

The results are amazing and beat anything you see on a screen. Remember a LED screen is projected light and holds no texture or feel. 

So get in touch if you’d like some photographs in the ‘Silver Jack’ style!