A photograph isn't a photograph until it has been printed. Be it a 'snap' or a professionally taken image. I am a strong advocate for printing images, no matter how silly or maybe 'not worthy' of being posted online. Why? Because they are historical documents. All those images on your computer / phone may one day be lost due to some glitch. Even 'clouds' can suffer these. So why trust all of our treasured family pictures to that. Who will be able to access them in the future? 

In my professional capacity I take control of the whole process, from preparation for the shoot, the shoot, (minimal) editing and then print. I use archival high end photographic papers with industry standard inks. I will consider the feel and look a particular paper will impact on the photograph being printed. 

The results are amazing and beat anything you see on a screen. Remember a LED screen is projected light and holds no texture or feel. Click on the below images to get an idea of the look and feel of how a carefully printed photograph looks.  

My photo shoots will always include high end prints for my clients. Please ask for details.