The 'All Seeing' Workshop

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Lets face it, the modern world is a busy place and there is a lot of information competing for your attention.


I have often bemoaned that society seems not to be 'looking' anymore - except down at their phones.


Whilst once being guilty of being one of those phone zombies, I have managed to break free! True story. I have set some rules for myself and using some really fun exercises, I have re-trained my eyes to do what they were designed to do,  to 'see' the world around me. 

As a result I have found my 'photographic' eye seems to be sharper. Cant say as much for my images - but thats another story. 

So I have designed this workshop to help you see the world around you. If you approach this with an open mind and a little bit of focus (pardon the pun) I'm sure not only will this workshop help you notice things you hadn't before, but you'll be inspired - and what follows - your own photographs will have a deeper meaning. 

£15 per person. Minimum 8 persons required.